Waveform pulse

I think that for any type of welding wire there is only type of Mig Pulse Waveform

Someone Know this waveforms ?

Thank you


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Not so. Each manufacturer has his own form. The shape of the wave form is also being "upgraded" on Lincoln Powerewaves. It is almost like buying a software package with your computer then receiving upgrades... In fact that is the case. An example given to me was a Lincoln customer who would not change gases and wanted spray transfer with C 20 mix. With a customized waveform Lincoln achieved it for him. On these latest machines if you as the customer don't like the pulse transfer supplied you can use the software to modify it. I have not used the software but it looks like a drag and drop. With your mouse you can change the wave form and frequency to your liking. Randy

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Randy Zimmerman

we had the rep from lincoln upgrade ours at work at no charge...but maybe thats because we had five of them...only takes about five min. per machine...well worth the upgrade..got rid of the burnback problem at arc start

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Please include the message you are replying to so we can figure out what you are talking about. Lane

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I seriously doubt you'll be allowed to dictate the way individuals post here.The more you try the more stubborn people will become including myself. It will make life easier if you just adjust your reader.

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