anatomy diagram (exploded view) of a bicycle ?

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Hello everyone.
I've been tearing apart old discard bicycles to get the 1/2 inch pitch gears and
chains, etc. But if I knew what to call certain
parts I'm sure I could find better insructions on the 'net to get this
accomplished. Does anyone know of a site that lists an
exploded view and terms of a 5-speed (any speed) bike ? Like an "anatomy
diagram" of a bike.

I've been Googling but I'm at a loss regarding the proper terms for the multiple
gear assembly on the rear wheels, etc. If I knew
that sort of thing I could find what I want !


Re: anatomy diagram (exploded view) of a bicycle ?
    --For a good time check out They have a crazy book
called "Atomic Zombie's Bicycle Builders Bonanza" that treats a bike like a
side of beef, showing you where to cut it to maximize part yield, etc. Maybe

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Re: anatomy diagram (exploded view) of a bicycle ?
On Mon, 22 Dec 2008 02:54:12 -0500, "pogo"

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   There are a bunch of old books such as this that will help you:

( product link shortened)

   I presume you're getting old Huffy's and such, and maybe the more
recent 5-speed bikes kids usually ride thesedays. More recent (more
expensive) bikes tend to have incompatible/nonstandard parts, so be
aware if you get one of these it may not be compatible with the other
parts you're getting.

   I've heard that more expensive bikes often don't last long, not
because of low quality of the basic design/manufacture, but because
makers often only sell a model and replacement parts for it for a few
years, and then make a new-and-improved (lighter, better gearing, bla
bla bla) model with even more incompatible parts, so an older bike may
be fine except for one bad but essential part that you can't get a
replacement for.

   Googling bicycle maintenance brings up a bunch of good sites.

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Re: anatomy diagram (exploded view) of a bicycle ?
pogo wrote:
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Here's a design tool for sprocket drives: /

It's from Berg, which sells a broad range of gears, sprockets, chains,
belts, and other drive products.

                    John Nagle

Re: anatomy diagram (exploded view) of a bicycle ?
Thanks everyone !

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