Best epoxy for engine block repairs

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OK, you folks have convinced me that epoxy will work for cast iron engine
block repairs; in my case to fix a long crack in the water jacket.  Would
you comment on which epoxies have worked for you?  JB Weld is the old
standard, but it has been pointed out that there are better products.
Thanks again!


Re: Best epoxy for engine block repairs
Loctite puts on a 1-day seminar of adhesives.  At the end of it all
they give you a Ziploc bag full of samples.  I go once per year, the
samples keep my home stocked

Re: Best epoxy for engine block repairs
An update on the search for the perfect engine block repair epoxy - The
Belzona Super Metal looks like the ticket - only problem is the minimum
amount is 2 kg (about 1 quart) and it cost $300 plus shipping!  Anyone want
to split an epoxy order with me?


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Re: Best epoxy for engine block repairs
Belzona Super Metal (1111) is the absolute best for engine block
Caterpillar specifies Belzona for engine repairs.
Belzona does not rot, shrink, or corrode. Other products, when tested
in the exact same tests, all have lower mechanical properties.
If you are after good long term results, the Belzona products are very

Re: Best epoxy for engine block repairs
I'd check at a Cat Dealer w/parts and engine repair shop. I'm not
familiar with Belzona but usually if Cat specs something it's available
through their parts department

Re: Best epoxy for engine block repairs
This place appears to sell it in 1kg quantities (don't know at what
price though): /

Go to their catalogue page, and search for item number: 812351

Re: Best epoxy for engine block repairs

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Yes there are better products for this job than JB weld, but JB weld is
still pretty good. After all it has been patched before with it and I gather
it lasted for a long time. Also I gather that you are looking for something
temporary until you can get it welded. JB weld would be my choice. Its
cheap, readily available and will probably do the job you want done. We used
it at work to patch a similar crack in an 80 KW engine/generator set. The
patch was replaced twice over a period of seven years then the e/g was
replaced, at this time the crack was poperly repaired , the old e/g placed
an a trailer and is still being used as a portable unit.

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