A Brave New SPAD World!

Mr Akimoto is visiting his father in Japan, so he asked me to fill in
for him. He thought you might enjoy this thread from RCUniverse:
formatting link

It has been very hot here, so I am installing A/C in the club house. Mr
Akimoto thought a wet bar might be nice too.
The thread seems to imply these ARF SPADs aren't for novice flyers, but
they sure look good. Also the people who own them seem quite happy with
them. Anyway, Mr Akimoto ordered one, and he plans to test fly it on
his return.
Mr Billy, Mr Akimoto's loyal, trusted, and devoted manservant
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Mr Akimoto
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Dear Billy -
Thankyou for your note while Mr.A is visiting the venerable Mr. Akimoto.
A/C in the clubhouse is a great idea. Not sure about the wet bar - you could see some interesting flying there.
The thread you recommend has some interesting pictures. I see they have lightened the drainpipe and then covered the holes - brilliant idea. The Spads at FX Hobbies look like a good value.
I am sure Mr.A deserves all the loyalty, trust & devotion you so generously bestow upon him.
Yours faithfully,
LeeH Duraplane airman, 4th class -- Billy wrote:
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Lightening a drainpipe and covering the holes? That's good for a laugh. Just when you thought it couldn't get uglier... If you're going to all of that trouble, why not just build an airplane instead?
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Robbie and Laura Reynolds
Anyone needing a bar at the field should seek professional help - or just go to a bar and forget about flying models.
Ed Cregger
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ARF SPAD? I thought the point was to take $15 and make an airplane. I read the thread and still didn't get the point.
However, to each his own :~/
-- Mike Norton
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Mike Norton
The weather is very hot here. While enjoyng the A/C in the clubhouse, it's nice to have a cold soda. Incidentally, Mr Akimoto's club house has a panoramic view of the flying filed, so he can pilot out of the summer's heat.
The Lovely Reynolds or the field geezer couple:
We can always expect a disparaging comment from you two. You should try the FX Bandit sometime, but I know $50 is outside your budget. Anyway, it's hotter than anything you own.
You neve got the point in your entire life!
Mr Billy
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Mr Akimoto
The "$15" never did include the other thngs that come with the ARF and it was always assumed that in a crash those parts were recovered and resused so were never included in the "15 assumption". So I guess the ARF would be fine to get the "first one",...then the $15 would cover the rebuild after the destructive encounter with the dirt, tree, car windshield, guy standing next to you, whatever...
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Phillip Windell

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