A Hello...

I saw this group through a moderated website (eZonemag) and thought I'd
look into the unmoderated forum... Not much different - filtering of the
p*rn spam is about all... I'm a converted sparky flyer... Started nitro
many years ago... Have been doing aerial photography with RC aircraft for
awhile... Some of my pics are at wattnoise.com if you're interested...
Too hot to fly around here these days - desert SW U.S., Arizona... Great
flying in the winter though... Kind of opposite to most - fly in the
winter, build in the summer...
Is there a usenet binaries group for posting pics of model airplanes and
Watt Noise?
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Watt Noise
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Post pictures in alt.binaries.radio-control
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Vance Howard
In news:n6lIc.711$ snipped-for-privacy@cyclops.nntpserver.com, Watt Noise pecked:
Welcome to the play ground. Post pics to alt.binaries.radio.control with an alert message here.
Good photos on your site!
-- Dave Thompson
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Dave Thompson
Not sure if he meant the same site, but alt.binaries.radio.control.models is the only one I cans ubscribe to: perhaps Dave just left the 'models' off the end, or maybe there is another group that my ISP doesn't get
Dave Thomps>
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In news: snipped-for-privacy@REMOVE-TO-REPLYoptusnet.com.au, quietguy pecked:
I did post it correctly. There are three binary groups that refer to radio control.
alt.binaries.pictures.radio.control.models alt.binaries.pictures.radio.control alt.binaries.radio-control
The only one I've ever seen aircraft activity on is alt.binaries.radio-control. Heck, post to all three.
-- Dave Thompson
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Dave Thompson
Strange - I can post through the unmoderated newsserver and the threa
shows up on the moderated group but not on the unmoderated newsservic listing... Anyways, I appreciate the info on the binaries - I got th alt.binaries.radio-control on the unmoderated server but no binaries o the moderated... But, I probably won't be able to see it... To confusing for a Monday morning!... Looks like a good group here...
Watt Noise? Kevi
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Welcome to the NG! Yes, you can post pictures to alt.binaries.radio-control I will be checking out your aerial photography as that is an interest of mine also, although I lean heavily towards aerial videos. I fly a couple of electrics but am a die-hard slimer fan to the bone. I dig the noise, the smell, the slime.. Guess you could say I dig Thatt Noise.
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Fubar of The HillPeople
Welcome Kevin, I have been lurking and posting here for years. 4 stroken ron Ron
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Ron & Gilda Weisskopf
"Ron & Gilda Weisskopf" wrote in news:ccvjp3$21g$ snipped-for-privacy@news.netins.net:
There's a familiar type... Looks like fun here... Good to "see" you, Ron...
Apologies to everyone - I wasn't a post and run... Apparently my newsserver was in the midst of changing out the hardware, and I wasn't able to get back here till now... What do I expect for free except a lesson in patience... 8-)
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Watt Noise

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