video camera

Has anyone ever installed a video camera on their RC airplane. What system
is recommended and is it possible to download and display thge immages on a
laptop computer.
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Richard Liberman
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for the equipment I use.
For the laptop, you will need an AV card of some kind. I use a camcorder to record my video at the field, then upload and edit on my home system.
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Fubar of The HillPeople
I just got back from the Mohave desert after 3 days of camping. I took my Sky Surfer RC paraplane out as well. I have a 2.4ghz @ 100 milliwatt (I think) camera mounted on it. I flew it for appx. 30 minutes and the video was quite good. I record it to a Sony Video Walkman 8mm deck. This is one of the camera and receiver combo that you can but direct from Hong Kong for about 35.00 dollars (even though their are some on this group that say they are crap). I've used it on a few different airplanes. It's ideal on the Paraplane because I can fly slowly and up high. I had it up around 600 feet or so and appx. 1/4 mile from camp. Be careful if you are shooting through the prop. It can tear the image from the prop strobing effect. It doesn't always do it. I power it with a 2s Lipo battery at appx. 8.4v 145 mah. It's a tiny little battery and very lightweight. It is fun to do but can get kind of boring after awhile. If you have a camcorder that has video in you can use that to record with. Or, use a full size vcr with a 100 watt 12-110 volt inverter. That works well too.
Good Luck.
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