Blenhiem Palace Air show

Picture the scene,
We are sat in front of Blenhime Palace, A vast stately home and birth
place of Winston Churchill. a cold lager in hand helps cope with the
perfect weather.
A morning concert of Jazz and Swing bands lasts till two o'clock when
the air show starts.
Surrounded by some of England's finest Scale models that we do not have
to bother to fly!
In front of us are landscaped lakes bisected by an ornate bridge, the
central band of the RAF marches over the bridge and in front of us.
The Red Arrows have opened the show followed by the BOB flight,
Lancaster and Spitfire.
Vintage jets and the Blenhime fighter bomber, many more, lasting four
hours. Including the Swordfish from the RNAS historic flight.
(my new model of this exact aircraft is on the grass)
Sir George Martin who flew Swordfish in the war and who's idea this
was, has composed Swordfish Serenade specially, this is relayed over the
excellent sound system, A powerful camera relays pictures on to a 60'
crystal clear screen.
The palace grounds are filled with a Fun Fair, stalls selling aviation
related stuff and the stands supporting the Air display teams.
Plenty of food and Toilets.
A historical society dressed appropriately demonstrated WW2 weapons
including firing a 25lb gun.
The drive is lined by classic cares whose owners have dressed in period
costume, some will win trans Atlantic flights from Virgin Air Line.
As the sun sets a Glen Miller orchestra plays on the band stand.
All happened last Saturday, next year it may be a two day afair, don't
miss it.
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