Cheap, if possible new, transmitter for simulator only

I got an old simulator from a mate (he bought himself a newer one) but
unfortunately it doesn't work with my gamepad, it actually requires a real
transmitter to work.
Since I'm still not 100% sure I'll make this a long term hobby of mine I'd
like to keep the cost at minimum to get the simulator working. I was told
to buy a transmitter without a crystal and receiver.
Is anyone familiar with a store that sells barebone transmitters like that
or is ebay my only hope (I'd like to avoid that if I can)? Thanks in
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Lars McDonald
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I would say eBay is best choice, or maybe your local model shop has second hand TX's. Make sure it has a Trainer/buddy socket, it isn't universal.
Another place to try is the BMFA classified ads website
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There is a futaba skysport 6 T6YG at the moment on eBay for £2.21 + £8 postage (item 120080078699) incl. charger. 1 day 7 hours to go, they usually go for around £20 or so.
You will be lucky to find a new TX under about £50, and you still need a charger, another £7 or so. This particular one doesn't have a handbook, but available for download from Futaba
Another thing to consider is Mode 1 or mode 2, Mode 1 has throttle and rudder on right stick, mode 2 has it on the left.
Mode 2 is generally more common, if you do take it up with real planes, it is best to have the same mode that is used at the club you join.
If whatever you get, has a crystal fitted, take it out, the battery will last longer, and also the unit tends to overheat with the arial down (and crystal fitted). Some have a separate TX module which you can remove.
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Lars What type of transmitter is required on the sim ? I think I have a couple of the old Futaba 5 NLK's. If that will work and I still have one I would be happy to give you one. I will have to dig out some of stuff which is buried in the storage area to see if still have them.
Where are you located ? I'm in West Virginia in eastern US.
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Ken Day
There is an ad in the new April 2007 issue of Model Airplane News from
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that features a complete 4-channel radio package including a free flight sim cable and FMS CD plus 2 micro servos and a micro receiver all for $69.
They also offer a flight sim only version with just usb transmitter controller and FMS CD for $35.
Hopefully one of these might work for you.
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Ed Paasch

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