Color coding for 27 mgz

26.995= Brown,27.045 Red,.095= orange, 145= yellow, 195=green, 27,255= Blue,
By the way I was that introduced the color coding for the 72 band way back
then, it was appoved by AMA first and 2 yrs later by MAAC, but unfortunetly
some one wanted channel nos like the citizen band, and it was modified to
nos only.Ray
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The "interim 72 band" had two 72.16 was an attractive blue and white. It was only after we got a whole bunch more frequencies on narrow-band that the channel numbers came in. I personally think we should not use channel numbers because it doesn't teach us anything. I think we should have our frequency on the antennas so we will remember there is some electronics involved.
I remember when someone would ask, "What channel are you on?" "Twenty-seven, oh, nine five." I never remember telling someone, "Orange!"
Besides I still cannot fly without a streamer on the antenna. I need to know which way the wind is blowing.
I can also remember seeing the model do something I didn't tell it to do and then I would raise the xmitter well over my head (to get it closer to the model?) and I would start that little hopping and rocking dance while screaming, "SEVENTY-TWO-SIXTEEN! SEVENTY-TWO-SIXTEEN!"
And while I watch the model becoming a speck downwind, I would hear the dreaded, "Cashion, you are the only one on the field with that frequency."
'Danged! This crash will be my fault!'
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Ken Cashion
Was it by design or accident that you picked the resistor color code sequence?
R.A.Gareau wrote:
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It seems to me we used to do that. Resistor color sequence (or stellar color sequence if you prefer) with one color for the initial digit and another color for the second digit. Matched digits get two of the same color flags.
Red/Red for 22 or Green/Black for 50 as examples we used to use.
I think R.A. Gareau has a good idea, don't you?
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Yes, I think the color code is a good idea. It would be much easier to read the flag colors than the various channel numbers as of now. Some of the fellows put the numbers on upside down as in channel 23 is the one they are on and their flags say 32. Come to think of it they would probably put their colors upside down too.
Oh, well....How do you idiot proof?
Ah, only use 11, 22, 33, 44, 55 chanels.....Ya, that's the ticket!
Dan T.
Six_O'Clock_High wrote:
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