Dinner with Burt Rutan at the AMA Convemtion

In conjunction with AMA Convention 2006, Burt Rutan will be honored at
a dinner Saturday, January 14th and awarded the Model Aviation Hall of
Fame award.
Currently, there are only about 60 seats remaining. If you would like
to attend, contact Jay or Erin at AMA HQ. 1 800 I FLY AMA, ext 270 or
272, details at
formatting link

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Why do you feel absolutely compelled to feed those that troll? Do you enjoy tasting the hook? I am rapidly starting to remember why I quit posting on this group previously. It wasn't the trolls, but those that feel compelled to be caught by them.
Reminds me of bass fishing. Catch and release, catch and release, and the bass never learn.
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Yeah, that's the problem with the kill file, which 'zara' has been a member for awhile. I don't see his posts, but I still get stuck with the post of the folks that reply to him....
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David Hopper

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