Electric Power Only Website WattFlyer approaches 4000 members

In under two months the electric flight only website WattFlyer.com fast approaches 4000 members. All services including registration are free with no catches. Come visit Wattflyer.com and see why users are taking to this banner ad free website which caters exclusively to e-flyers.

8400+ posts and growing fast. Lightning fast website on cutting edge software platform with dedicated hardware.

Wattflyer aims to foster a friendly community of like minded eflight enthusiasts who can share information without politics or anything else getting in the way. Wattflyer's only goal is to serve the modeler and has no banner advertising.

If you have eflight questions come to WattFlyer.com and have the experts answer them. If you think you know your stuff in the world of epower stop on by and help out the beginners. We welcome everyone in the WattFlyer.com community.

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Also check out the community swap shops where you can buy and sell your stuff free. If you list on other websites add your listing free to WattFlyer too for additional exposure.

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Marc Wattflyers
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| In under two months the electric flight only website xxxxxxxxer.com | fast approaches 4000 members.

So, `Marc' ...

Would you mind if we joined your fine website and started posting periodically about how great Usenet and rec.models.rc.air was?

If the answer is `yes', then consider that maybe you've overstayed your welcome here already, and it's time to stop.

If the answer is `no', then I'll go over there and register, and post once for each time you've posted here, and then post an additional time for each time you post here in the future, and we'll see how long it takes for your answer to go from `no' to `yes'. (I suspect not very long, but we'll see.)

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Doug McLaren

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