Engine OS/TT/Magnum/MDS

I want your opinion about that engine that you sugest for a Trainer - Ripmax
Some people sugest OS 46 FX
Other said OS is to expensive and Thunder Tiger is the same and cheaper.
Other said Magnum is that same Thunder Tiger
And others sugest MDS. MDS had in past a bad reputation. How are they now ?
Can you help me ?
Thank You !
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Look at the Evolution, too. Also Super Tigre and TT Pro. Dr.1 Driver "There's a Hun in the sun!"
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Not to mention GMS... Personally, I wouldnt buy a magnum 2 stroke or even use one if it was given to me. The one I had was crap.
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Fubar of The HillPeople
Here's my two cents. The OS 46 and the TT 46 are both excellent engines, with the OS putting out slightly more power. As for the Evolution engine, I would not buy one yet since they are relatively new and have not undergone the test of time.
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In every test I have seen, the OS and TT are identical in power and performance. The $40 price difference is significant. Other engines to consider are Irvine and GMS.
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Paul McIntosh
I have a TT 46 Pro and a GMS 47. I'd give a slight nod toward the Thunder Tiger, as it's been a very reliable power plant so far. OS makes some very good engines, but I don't know if they're worth the extra cost. I've seen one MDS at the field, and it seemed to run pretty well. However, that may have been a "good" one. Their quality control is a bit spotty.
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Morris Lee
I come from the school of thought where "if it ain't broke, don't fix it". For that reason, I ONLY use O.S. engines simply because they work well for me and I have a lot of experience with them. Having said that, I'd like to chime in here that the Evolution seems to have been VERY well tested simply by their shear numbers in use since they began life as the standard engine that comes with the ARF trainers. And personally, I have helped at least 5 students up to now that had those Evolution powered trainers and every one of them didn't miss a lick and were easy to adjust. For my money (because I've enough :-), I'll keep buying OS all the way. But if you're on a budget I think you may want to give one of the Evolution engines a shot. There doesn't seem to be much risk in doing so.
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I currently own a 46 FX, TT 46 Pro and Magnum 46XL. For my money the TT 46 Pro was the best value. It runs as well as the OS but cost considerably less. The OS is a sweet motor with slightly better handling in terms of setting the needle valve but I don't think that justifies the cost. Aren't the OS 46 FXs going away to be replaced by a different motor?
I also have run the MDS 48 and Magnum 46. Of this second tier the Magnum was much friendlier. THe 48s carb was very rough and seemed to have an air leak which I never could solve despite having it replaced twice at Horizon Hobby.
I've seen the Magnum 52 on a couple of planes locally and that thing is a monster it terms of what it will turn but I personally don't own one so can't comment on its handling over time. Go for the TT I think I paid $65 US for mine new. I paid about $110 US for my OS.
JML wrote:
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Chris Spierings
I guess you still drive a Model A? After all, it ain't broke... You are missing out on a wonderful selection of great engines.
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Paul McIntosh

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