ESC for brushed and Li-Pos?

Does anyone know of an ESC that you can use with Li-Pos? I've seen a couple
at FMA Direct. The one I'm using on my Super Flea and Super Fly discharge
too far for Lithium batts.
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Storm's Hamburgers
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FMA is good stuff in my experience, but Castle Creations ESCs are the gold standard IMHO. Programmable functions include low voltage cut-off, so set it where you are comfortable with it. Ain't that Super Flea a kick in the pants? I've used a GWS 10A ESC in mine and not worried about the LVCO, as I've never flown the little beastie until it trips. The drop off in power provides plenty of warning, and on the several checks I've made of the battery voltage after landing it was above the most conservative recommended cut-off setting (~3V/cell).
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Abel Pranger
refer to the small S&T SES-45ADS for Brushed motors - fully programmable, especially voltage cut off for LiPols = 45A peak 200A. Used on 350 to 550 motors.
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Fully programmable forward and reverse Brushless ESC for Heli X 3 programmes, Airplane, Boat & car from same company 7 in all =
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also the 33A. 50A & 90A to will be on shelves very soon.
regards Alan T. Alan's Hobby, Model & RC Web Links
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Yeah, that's what I've been doing. It's good for indoor for me because it's durable! mk
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