Pos-E-Touch DRO help needed (Heidenhain)

The DRO X axis works, the Y axis does nothing. All I've done so far is swap the sensors--it looks like the problem is in the Y sensor rather than in the main DRO box.

Does anyone have info on the Pos-E-Touch DRO? A manual would be wonderful.

Thanks, Steve

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Steve Smith
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If the problem is with the sensor...

recent experience has shown me that while your HH linear encoder's read hed is guided by rollers, if the head is too far out of alignment, it won't send a reliable pulsetrain.

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Jon Grimm

Thanks Jon. I took the sensor apart tonight, nothing obvious. Tomorrow I'll get some light on it and see what's what.

Anyone have a manual on the DRO?


J>If the problem is with the sensor...

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Steve Smith

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