F4U-5N Corsair manufacturer?

I just bought a (partial) corsair that has a radar housing in the
starboard wing and am trying to find some history on who might have
manufactured the original kit (it has machine printed part identifier
numbers on the root wing rib and bottom wing sheet). The seller said
that it might have been an old top-flite kit, but I haven't been able
to confirm that.
The plane is a .60 to .90 size (61"ws and 46"length), which pretty much
matched TF's revised F4U, but , as far as I can tell, the identifier (W
1-B) on the rib doesn't match up with thier parts list, and I didn't
find a -5N option any where.
Could this have been a scratch modification? Has anyone seen a Corsair
built this way? I need to build a rudder, elevator, ailerons and flaps
and need to find out at least the dimentions so that I can stay close
to scale (plans would be great!).
Any help would be appreciated.
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I recollect that the original Royal 60 size Corsair kits had the radome shown on the plans and maybe on the illustration on the kit box.
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Tom Minger
Thanks Tom, You wouldn't happen to know where I might be able to follow up on this, would you?
Tom M> I recollect that the original Royal 60 size Corsair kits had the radome
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I think that Hobby Barn, located in Arizona and a regular advertiser in RCM, now carries the Royal (or whatever they are now called) line of kits.
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Tom Minger
I think they are Maratuka kits. "Royal" kits were those packaged by Maratuka for "Royal Products", a now defunct hobby distributor like Tower.
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