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I'm looking for feedback. Of course I figure the design is perfect but know someone will be able to find something to improve. :)

This design is an easy to build rubber powered balsa and tissue plane that flies EXTREMELY WELL.

The building has been simplified to the point that it is excellent for a workshop airplane for beginners.

For those of you who've seen this, there is a much smaller PDF file available as well as a JPG file.

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It is easier to build than the Delta Dart (AMA Cub, MAAC Cub etc...) because there are less steps and it doesn't have any challenging steps such as bending of a wire hook or a wing dihedral joint.

Here are some of its unique features:

1) The wire hook for the rear motor hanger has been dropped in favour of a tooth pick. This actually works remarkably well and serves as an anti thermal device because the elastic will eventually drop off it allowed to unwind fully.

2) Leading Edge Only (LEO) for the stabilizers. This simplifies construction drastically and forms a rear bumper. When the plane hits the wall or the dog and falls, the stabilisers don't break because the motor stick hits the floor.

3) I dropped dihedral and polyhedral in favour of winglets. This system is remarkably easy to assemble and is surprisingly robust because the tissue paper enforces it. A dab of hobby or white glue and the winglets can be glued while other work is in progress.

4) Build Onto Tissue (BOT). This speeds construction. I stole this idea from the famous AMA Cub design by Frank Ehling in 1967. I've gone a step further and simplified everything with right angles so that no printed plan is needed.

5) I've devised a order to assemble the parts that optimizes glue drying by doing the critical joints early. This allows a first time builder to get going in much less time than the AMA Cub. Its much less than 1/2 the time.

6) All the parts cut out of 3x36 balsa sheet evenly with no waste. All parts are straight so cutting is fast and easy. Workshop preparation is trivial.

7) It is very stable and looks very unusual when its flying because of the strange winglets. It has proven to be a show stopper with its flatter turns.


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