Float friends,
I ran into a problem trying to find the original Wingo floats
from the manufacturer with no luck. I went to foamfloats.com and they e
mailed me saying they recommended the 25 inch wide model for around $40. I
haven't made a decision yet but I know that the floats must be at least 3/4
length of the plane (.75 x 32 inches is about 24 inches) and as light as
formatting link
recommendation of the 25 wide model is 8
ounces which could be a little to heavy for the 400 stock motor. I went for
the upgraded better motor and gearbox with the 1100 mAh battery and I'm
waiting on the hobbico accu-cycle elite battery charger to arrive at my
local hobby shop before I can fly the motor without the gear box first to
A/B the results compared to the gear box version.
Anyway, the
formatting link
website floats that are 17 inches long for $16 US are 8 inches too small
for a wingo.
The 2ounce weight and the price are right though but seem better sized to
attach to my Parkzone J3 cub which is
15oz and 23inches long.
Please keep me posted as to what floats ANYONE finally decides on and
tell me how they actually perform as the wind here during New Jersey's
winter hasn't subsided enough to consider flying. Spring is just around the
bend though and when the first nice days hit, I'll be flying with the
intention of adding floats ASAP. Can't wait to do the touch n' goes I see in
all the float plane videos people have posted on the web.
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