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I've flown my Wingo for a while now and my flying has progressed. So has my
plane collection. My Wingo is still fun to fly now and again, but I thought
I'd like to spice things up a bit. Floats! I noticed from the
manufacturer's website (Conzelmann) that they seem to be out of business(?)
Anyone know where I can get Wingo floats from in the UK (or Finland)? Or,
are there any float plans anywhere easy enough for a novice to follow?
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David H
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"David H .com>" Hi,
Here's a German site
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on the word Wingo in the blue area up top. Picture of floats on the page. Contact them for more details.
This site has a picture of a Wingo on their 25" floats. Click on product page
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You are going to need a gearbox motor, if you don't have one on there already.
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John Alt
Make it out from depron..I having been flying my homemade for more than 2 years now, and it is still fun.
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