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I am a private pilot ASEL.
Les Watts
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Leslie Watts
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Just curious as I've seen several posts over the past couple years in
regards to aviation. How many of you are licensed pilots?
Jim Frogge
Private Pilot-ASEL
Statesville, NC
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Jim Frogge
I work for United Airlines although not a pilot, I'm just a lowly Ramp Rat. In the summer months I swap out the food and bev carts but when the cold weather sets in I'm the best damn deicer you've seen.I am working to get my rec. license. Hopefully in the next two years I will have enough money saved to buy a share in a Bonanza. I prefer the H35, Now thats a beautiful vintage bird.
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Sail plane, aero tow, ( not current ) ...lew...
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Lewis Hartswick
Sailplane instructor/rides pilot, newby power pilot.
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Vaughn Simon
I'm planning on getting my Sport Pilot license next Summer.
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Ken Finney
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Carla Fong
I am. It would be even more interesting to find out how many pilots hre are A&P rated mechanics.
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Scott Moore
ME ! :-) also jet. Spartan '65
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Gary A. Gorgen
On Tue, 24 Aug 2004 6:16:46 -0700, Jim Frogge wrote (in message ):
Commercial SEL (Not current..lost medical) A&P Spartan 1971 Ticked when Hefner sold the DC-9....
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Roger Hull
I soloed on my 16th birthday. If I had the $ I'd have a small twin and an A&P just so I could work on it. Most of my hours were written in the airframe logs and lost.
A sturdy and powerful areobatic plane would be cool , I'd try all kinds of stuff between huge thunder heads for fun. I suppose this would be a bad idea ? Would make for some cool footage ! A?
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Me. Just started a new job two weeks ago, inspecting new Falcon Jets. The company (Dassault) started a program recently, reimbursing employees for pilot training. ALL employees. Guess I'll get my instrument rating.
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Dale Scroggins
How many of you are licensed pilots?
I have a Beech A36 Bonanza
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John Kunkel
PP ASEL, 1/4 owner of 1972 Piper Archer
-- Bob (Chief Pilot, White Knuckle Airways)
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Bob Chilcoat
Jim Frogge wrote:
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Michelle P
I was going to but didn't solo. :-o
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Tim Williams
Not a pilot but I did engineering and maintenance on boeing 727 and 737 commercial simulators and a couple of others for nearly 20 years so I've probably got a few thousand hours in them. :-)
Best Regards, Keith Marshall snipped-for-privacy@progressivelogic.com
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Keith Marshall
anything about metal working but.... ATP, CFI, CFII, CFME, FE, SEL, MEL, SES, MES CE500, CE750, L1011, B727, B747. I flew F-4s in the USAF
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Phil Ordway
Currently own a Stinson L-5B, a Fairchild AT-21 and an Aero Commander 680. Haven't had time to do my A&P, but have over 20 years on various flight lines and currently a Field and Service Mechaninc for Lockheed Aero.
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