glider ( sailplane ) foot launcher?

Hey folks. When I was first getting started (like two months ago), I was a
bit concerned about hand launching a pusher. I had envisioned bending up
some of the spare metal conduit in the garage into a weight driven launcher.
Like a rake might be used in slapstick comedy (literally), only with
sufficient offset to prevent wacking the operator who just put all his
weight on the crank.
Of course it can get more complicated: release angle, elasticity of the arm,
weight of the operator, anchor points, connecting and releasing the plane,
possible linkages and cams etc... I saw the plastic bungee launcher but had
envisioned something much more rakelike and simpler in design.
I since don't have any hangups tossing the powered pusher by hand. I didn't
have to slice myself more than once to remember to follow through. But I
find myself enjoying the gliding around and milking the wind with the power
off portion almost more than the power on portion (yes, there is a slight
difference between the two with an electric).
So I'm looking at more advanced gliders than the slinger (though I did hear
of one report of someone thermalling one). Of course it has to be cheap
and don't care to mess with bagging (I've done it on real wings) as a diy
this point. And I'm looking at HLGs and DLGs and whatnots and of course I'm
floored by the prices. Not suprised, just sure it won't be worth it for me.
When I realise that this DLG tip launch thing is just using a longer arm to
get better launches, which is exactly what the rake would do for $200 less,
and you can control the length of the arm and use your whole body weight
without doing a pirouette. You should be able to launch anything with the
right hook reciever and an experienced stomp (jump?).
Surely I'm not the first to think of this, but I have not seen anything
online as of yet. Anyone have any info/prior results to share?
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Steve Banks
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