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Hi all

Have a similar question about shops and fields in Sydney, Aus.

Just spent a few days there and had done some homework before hand and had a hobby shop address and a contact phone number for the SMAC.

Turned out the shops were "toy" shops and the phone no. was an automated voice weather station for the club field but did not tell where the field was.

Anyone from SMAC in this NG with relevant information for next time.


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The biggest and the best hobby shop in Sydney is Kellets in Macquarie Street Liverpool. For details of clubs, contact the state association (MAS). details on their web site

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Some other shops , Castle hill Hobbies, Wings and things in Gladesville (both have a good range of stuff, and Hobbyco in the City (Pitt st Mall) Mostly plastics and toys ,

Next time you are in town, contact me at tomw_nospam_@ bigpond.net.au and you can come to my field. (remove the _nospam_)


Tom Watson Sydney Australia

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