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I often include my website in my sig line here, and I've recently gotten
several inquiries about my vinyl lettering package known as the "AMA
The questions I get also indicate to me that a LOT of modelers are not aware
of one of the AMA's requirements in the safety rules, that of identifying
your model. NOT doing so could affect the validity of your insurance....
So, FYI.....
"What's The "AMA" Special?... and WHY?"
I designed this package to help modelers comply with AMA safety rule #5,
namely, "I will not fly my model unless it is identified with my name and
address or AMA number, on or in the model. Note: This does not apply to
models while being flown indoors."
This lettering collection generally consists of (8) complete AMA numbers OR
(8) names of reasonable length in your choice of a SINGLE color and font,
sized from 3/4" to 1" for the sum of $12.00, postpaid in the USA... For
overseas addresses, we must add actual postage to the price of $12 USD.
These quantities, styles and prices are not carved in stone, and if you
require special layouts, please let me know. I offer MUCH latitude with
this part of my service, and we don't call the service "CustomCut" for
BTW, it's NOT necessary to precede your AMA number with the specific
letters, "AMA"... You may use whatever you choose in front; or nothing at
all. Many users turn their AMA numbers into N-numbers...
If you would like half names and half numbers, let me know... NO problem!
If you need a few more than (8), let me know... NO problem.. We'll work
with you, and you WILL get your money's worth, and then some with this
special offer! We decided on a base quantity of eight back when we had our
first small machine.. Now we usually include a few more in the "Special"
because I don't like to waste open space on the vinyl... I'm a typical
modeler; I hate to throw ANYTHING away...
I'd like for you to visit ALL of my website, but if you are pressed for
time, here's a link straight to the "AMA" Special's page:
formatting link

To process this order properly, I'll need to know all of the following:
Desired QUANTITY of names or numbers... COLOR.... SIZE... FONT... and
SPECIAL OFFER..... It's too wet to fly, and for a short time The AMA Spl.
is priced at $10.00 ppd (in the US), and quantity is increased to 10 or 12,
depending on size...
If you've never tried prespaced vinyl lettering, now's the time to try it,
and save a bundle at the same time..
formatting link

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Bill does terrific work and is prices are great! Jerry
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