Captured Aircraft Special Interest Group (SIG) - IPMS/USA

Hey! We're Back!
We'd like to take a moment to announce that the Captured Aircraft
Special Interest Group (SIG) - IPMS/USA is off life support and, as
the guy said in the movie "IT IS ALIVE!!!!"
The Captured Aircraft SIG, a group authorized and approved by the
International Plastic Modelers=92 Society/USA, serves as an information
source/exchange on aircraft which were seized (or otherwise acquired)
and evaluated for intelligence / operational purposes, or flown
operationally by the capturing party. Examples are Me-262's flown by
the U.S., Bf-109's flown by the RAF, B-17's flown by the Luftwaffe,
F-6F Hellcats and P-40s flown by the Japanese, a MiG-23 flown by the
Israeli Air Force, and a MiG-21 flown by the US Air Force.
If you=92re interested in joining, please provide your name, e-mail
address, your postal address AND IPMS NUMBER (either IPMS/USA or other
IPMS membership number) as this group is chartered by IPMS. Thanks.
In addition to that, "False Colors", the newsletter of our SIG, will
return this October and be published on a quarterly basis after that.
There's no charge and everyone is welcome to contribute.
Our plans include articles on captured aircraft (CA/C) of all nations,
photos, links to websites featuring CA/C, decal sheets available for
CA/C, colour schemes, the formation of a data base, a section for
reader messsages and a suggestion box for new features. Your own
articles, blurbs and notices are especially welcome.
We're trying to reestablish contact with current group members and
solicit new members too.
You can contact either of us for information.
Ed Robbeloth
Jean Elliott
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