JDAM-JSPAM or just fun ?

In the cold war we had nukes cos they werent very accurate.
Now we have 2000lb GPS guided bombs which are very accurate, to within 10
These things are getting so accurate you don't need explosives anymore.
How about the "Laurell & Hardy Grand pianno bomb"
Or the "Cyotee Acme safe bomb"
or better still..........
I would like to see a 30,000lb cube of spam, equipped with flapperons, a few
servos and a GPS dropped out of the back of a C17 with Mecca's co-ords
programmed in.
Called a J-SPAM !
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What the f*ck are you on about.... You some sort of nutter?
-- Philip Rawson
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Dude, You have way too much time on your hands.
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Final Reproach
Gentlemen, The more you answer crap like that, the more you will get. Whenever one of those ranting loons shows up, just use the "Block Message Sender" option in IE Express which is likely what most of us use.
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