Li-Po charger info

I'm looking to find information about Li-Po "home made" charger.
I bought an home made charger from a student and I'm surprised that the
output voltage is more than 4v3 per cell when I select 3 cells.
Who knows how to check this ?
Who has links with silmple Li-Po charger schema and explanation ?
Thanks all in advance
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Lepoivre, Claude [IKAR:5704:EXCH]
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and lok in teh batteries foroum. There are several schematics and lots of discussion on all this.
In essence the battry charge voltage will drop when applied to cless under charge, and rise towards its cutoff of about 4v2. It should nopt go above that although some people have and report that they get very high output from the cells...but no one knows whether they will be damaged long term..
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The Natural Philosopher
My Li-Poly charger is set to 11.1 volts for three cells. That's 3.7 Volts per cell. You can cause MAJOR damage to the batteries and yourself if you exceed the recommended voltage. be careful. Go to RCUniverse
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and search the Electric forums and you will find lots of interesting info. I would not under any circumstances use any charger that was not designed specifically for Li-Poly.
Tom Watson Sydney Australia
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