Looking for Epoxy Expert To Do Plastics Repairs Near San Jose, California

I am looking for someone who is quite expert with epoxies and plastics who
can do custom repairs on molded plastic parts for a commercial application.
This would be occasional contract work, and we could be very flexible on
your hours and place of work. Work would be near San Jose, California, in
Silicon Valley.
After seeing what a fantastic job many model builders do with plastics and
epoxies, and how they have a good understanding of how to make mechanical
parts subjected to stress survive intact, I think this skillset is great
experience relative to the kinds of repairs I need done, which involve
custom molded plastic injection parts that cannot be purchased off the
shelf, and which are occasionally subjected to loads. The fixed part needs
to meet both a cosmetic and strength standard, and I want someone who knows
what they are doing.
If you have any interest in this please send over a resume with the relevant
experience and your rate.
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Sorry for neglecting this in the first post, but resumes can be sent for this contract work to westes AT earthbroadcast.com.
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