Manual for JP Easy Pigeon glider?

Does anyone know where on the web I might find a copy of the manual for the JP
Easy Pigeon glider. Just purchased one which was hanging up in my local shop
but unfortunately no manual, being new to the hobby... the manual might be
useful. I've done a search with google but nothing so far.
If there are any owners out there, could you tell me where the CofG should be,
got a rough idea but nice to get it right.
Any help appreciated.
Kind regards
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I have posted regarding my EP, it is underpowered!!!
I am using a 6pack 7.2v battery. i have been told to upgrade to an 8.4v power pack.
I have the 1700 with an upgraded graupner speed 600 motor installed.
Which motor/ battery packs are you guys using?
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I'm using a 7cell 8.4v 1950ma packs using the standard 600 motor that came with the EP, I do have a spare new graupner speed 600 motor here and was wondering whether it would give slightly better performance, mind you I find it flies quite well with the 8.4v batteries and have no real issues re. it being underpowered.
Do you think the graupner motor is a little better?
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