Re: You gotta see this! Low enough Inverted???

>Check out this picture of Mac Hodges 20 ft wingspan B-29 , taken at
>the Henderson Kentucky flyin last weekend. The plane weighs 98#,
>powered by 4 ZDZ 80's.
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>It don't get much lower than that, folks!
>Bill Davenport
>AMA 28141
Posted this on Sept 28th, 2002 and there was allot of responses. For
the record- here is another pic from Sunday, a little under a year
later, the demise of the big B-29. Guess it finally got low enough :-)
BTW, we have already noticed that one elev. is up and one is down. Not
sure right now what it means. Here's the pic- fantastic pic, not sure
rt now who took it but there was MUCH more damage 10 seconds later
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Bill Davenport
AMA 28141
PS??? Already on the way back???
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