reciever quartz differences between rc- brands

Hi newsgroup,
Can someone tell me if there is any difference between reciever quartzes
from different rc-brands ???
I know double-supers use different quartzes than normal recievers but, what
is the difference or can i use the same channel-quartz for different
recievers all being normal non pcm types ?????
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Yes there are differences between the crystals used by various manufacturers.
The modulation scheme has nothing to do with which crystal is used, so in that respect PCM, FM, or AM modulation are independent of the crystal.
There are several circuit design parameters that dictate which crystal type must be used, and the specific frequency is _not_ the deciding factor.
The only way you can determine whether a brand "X" crystal will work in a brand "Y" receiver is trial and error, with emphasis on the error part.
The receiver may be damaged by the foreign brand crystal and never work again, or the receiver may not be damaged but may not operate, or the receiver may operate poorly, or the receiver may operate with no noticeable ill effects to the extent that a range check yields the same results as with the correct brand crystal.
Generally speaking, using a brand "X" quartz in a brand "Y" receiver is about as predictable as roulette.
I dunno 'bout you, but my models cost a great deal more than a receiver crystal and I'm not taking any chances on the radio system.
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Fred McClellan

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