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I just finished my first Saegull product (300 Extra) and love it. The
kit was just great. Since I bought it at the local hobby shop, and it
was the only one, I need to find a site that deals in their products.
I have tried but all that shows are their products but not
where you can buy them. Does anyone know of an internet site that has
a full line? Many thanks.
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Why not get your local hobby store to order them in for you if you have found the manufacturers website and know what you want?
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Chris Dugan
Because one owner after another keeps going out of business. Of course, I'm not surprised. My model collection and inventory in my garage dwarfed what they had in stock. To top that, they wouldn't order anything for you. I truly do not believe that they had an account with a major distributor.
I have difficulty walking, between old polio problems and now diabetes rotting away my legs. So, the wife and I stopped by the hobbyshop one day. I asked her to go in and buy me an OS .25LA. A friend had given me a Diesel head for that engine and I wanted to try it. A half an hour later she comes out with a bag that had an OS engine box in it. I think everything is okay and put the minivan in drive to go home. Then I thought that I had better check the bag, just to be sure. In the bag was an OS .25FX. I only wanted to try a Diesel head. Were I going to buy a hot ball bearing engine in that size range, I'd have paid $14 more and bought the .32. I asked her kindly to take it back and get the .25LA. Of course, they didn't have the .25LA. Fortunately they refunded her money. I was ticked, to say the least.
To me, they were taking advantage of a woman that used to be in the hobby, but had moved on to quilting after twenty years of building and flying. That was the last time I specifically went to our local hobbyshop. The last time I drove down that street they were closed and their store space had an acupuncture salon in the hobbyshop's place. Good riddance.
Ed Cregger
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Ed Cregger

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