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Hi All,
I am trying to find some frequency stickers for use on the frequency
control board at our club field. Most of ours have faded out and I
would like to replace them. I was told they were available from the
AMA, but when I called to order them, they said they don't make them
and to try my LHS. When I called the LHS, they don't seem to know what
I am talking about. I have attached a couple of photos for reference.
If anyone could point me in the right direction for a source to buy
more of these stickers, I would really appreciate it.
Jay Bickford
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Jay Bickford
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Easiest solution might be to get a local vinyl shop to create you new stickers (peel and stick).
Alternate would be to print them out on a sheet of stickers, put it on your board and give everything a quick coat of polyurethane to seal it all in.
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Have you thought about making them up and printing them out from your computer? You can make some pretty nice ones, have them laminated and you are in business.
Some samples of transmitter flags may be seen at:
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Red S.
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Red Scholefield
Hi Red,
If I can't find a pre-printed set Ilike I was asking about I was thinking along the lines on printing my own with the computer. I am a little concerned about how long ones that I print up on an ink jet printer will last since these are out in the weather. I know that sun fading is hard to eleminate altogether, but I would like it to last a few years at least.
Thanks for the input.
Jay B. aka Treker
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Jay Bickford
a couple of months ago, I ran a special on number sets such as these to use up some short pieces of vinyl stock...
If you wanna contact me back channel with your needs, I'm sure I can accomodate you..
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Bill Fulmer
Goto a Staples or such on line. You should be able to get what you want (or you might lower your standards :). Clean the surface very good. Wipe it down with acetane, apply stickers. Give it 3 coats of clear poly-something)
If is not vandelized it will propabably be there longer than you :)
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Check with Bill Fulmer's CustomCut Graphics:
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-- Paul McIntosh
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Paul McIntosh

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