Twin P-51 Mustang (P-81?)

A few years ago at a field in Northern California I watched a guy fly a twin
P-51 Mustang. It had two mustang bodies held side by side on a center mid
wing. I never got to talk with him so don't know if it was something he
built custom or a kit. Does anyone have any knowledge of this aircraft? Kit?
Who makes it?
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There have been severalkits ove rthe years. One that comes to mind is Dynaflight.
You could also bash two Great Planes kits into a reasonable facsimilie
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Paul McIntosh
It's either a P-82 of F-82; North American made both aircraft. Do a Google Images search for photos and three-views. The Late Col. Art Johnson flew R/C models of both; they flew great.
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Lyman Slack
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The World Models P-82 ARF was just reviewed recently in one of the major RC Magazines, but for some reason I can't seem to find it right now. I do remember they had nice things to say about it.
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Ed Paasch
They're the same plane. The only difference is that the plane was called a P-82 before 1947, and an F-82 after 1947. That's when the Air Force became its own separate armed force, and in true bureaucratic style, they redesignated everything...
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