AIR Trumpeter 1/24 P-51 Mustang

The Trumpeter 1/24 P-51 received a lot of flak when it appeared (so to
speak!) but I can't seem to find specifics of the gripes. What exactly is
wrong with the kit?
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I've heard tell of a misshapened canopy (though I've not compared it to anything) but I do know the nose panels, beneath the exhausts, are well off established drawings and data on the P-51D. After building the Tamiya 1/48th version, the nose panels jump out at you. Other than that, I think it looks good...
Frank Kranick
Ruediger LANDMANN wrote:
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The Kranicks
That reminds me of the issue of the 1/24 release from Bandai. Misshapen canopy.. Almost cartoonish...hummmm.
Give me the ole Aifix issue anytime. Good and with great potentials. I should know. I've built four and one in the box..........just waitin', heh.
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Kitt Walker
There's a pretty comprehensive in-box review here:
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David Bono

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