Webra 32 break in procedure

What's the current method of breaking in a Webra 32? Just wondering if there is anything new. I used to just run them rich with a few seconds of max rpm lean runs, but that was quite a few years ago. I have five of these engines, this is my first new one in years. Thanks Bill

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Don't run it rich. ABC engines need to get up to operating temperature to properly break in, or there will be excessive piston wear due to the taper at the top of the cylinder liner. The Webra is no exception, and is a little worse due to the usually tight tolerances they are manufactured to.

Run it in a SLIGHTLY rich two-cycle for 3-4 tanks. When it will hold an idle, mount it and fly it. Caution: Don't expect quick break in with a Webra. They usually take a little longer due to the hardness of the chrome plating on the cylinder liner. After 10 or so tanks, it should pick up RPM considerably, showing that it's breaking in properly. Also, Webra .32's unload like crazy in the air. Set it slightly rich and let the airspeed and slipstream lean it out properly. I'm getting over 14,100 on the ground with APC 10-4 props after break-in. Dr.1 Driver "There's a Hun in the sun!"

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I put the webra Mini Pipe from the quickie 500 on my .32 and then put a plug into the exhaust to increase back preasure. I get 16.2 on 15% nitro. Sparky

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