2 questions for Autocad Guru or anyone that can answer :)

Hey all,

Is it possible to create a list of parts automatically? Example, at work we have schematics done in autocad with several hundred parts and it would be nice to create a list of the parts on the drawing some where without manually going through and doing this.

Second question, is it possible to have quadrants like a road map and do this automatically? Say for instance I have a resistor in the upper right corner. It would be nice if autocad could make a list saying Resistor 1 is in location G1.

Any ideas?



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HiHo; Yes it's done all the time. Blocks are used with attributes that consist of the part name and any other data that is pertaining to said part. Also using attext, a AutoCad command one may list, in CDF or SDF, the location of all or any special blocks. There are free programs that are used in the architectural drawings that would fit your needs. Try a search of

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"get the code" for some "Parts programs">

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