3d Block of Bobcat?

Shot in the dark, I'm sure....

Anybody know where I might find a 3D block of a bobcat (not the meow kind, the vroom vroom kind?) Or even some 2d drawings of one so I can make my own?

Thanks for any info, Beatle

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Try these links: TurboSquid has several road machine models (3DS):

and, of course, google sketchup:

HTH The White Furball

"Beatle" wrote in news:45c0f7b0$0$28132$ snipped-for-privacy@news.teranews.com:

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Thanks HTH. I guess I should have specified that I was looking for an AutoCAD .dwg file, I don't really have the ability to download any other software to this here work PC. Anybody know anywhere else to look? Like I said, it doesn't necessarily have to be 3D.

Thanks again for any further help...

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Did you actually try googling bobcat.dwg.

Works for me - although registration was a bit tedious

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