Acad 2004 registration funny stuff

I just upgraded 40 seats of AutoCAD 2000 to 2004. The salesman told me he
could send six packages of ACAD so I don't have 40 boxes of the software to
store somewhere. That's fine with me, I don't want all the boxes, I said. He
tells me I will have six serial numbers. One can be used on 35 computers
plus the other 5 = 40 total seats. Fine.
Today, I got the package. I went to the Website and entered my six serial
numbers. It responded with a authorization code and sent an email copy to me
for each one. I did NOT get a code for the one that is to be used multiple
times. It did say it was successfully registered and authorized.
Here's a copy of the email (obviously I put in the Xs). No authcode is shown
where it appears in the other messages.
Serial Number/Group ID: 341-XXXXXXXX
Congratulations! Your AutoCAD license has been successfully registered and
We value you as a customer and thank you for using our online services. Just
as we are committed to offering the highest quality products, we are devoted
to bringing you the best possible service. If you have questions or would
like further information, please refer to the following links for further
information about your product.
Autodesk Registration & Authorizations
Okay, I missed something or something fishy is going on here!
Thanks, bg
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I'd be VERY wary of that offer. In Adesk's eyes, it would seem to me, you'd only have 6 registered serial numbers. If you go for this deal, be damn sure you have it all in writing, signed, from the dealer.
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Call the Autodesk authorization no. at 800-551-1490 and tell them the serial number you used. they will tell you if it is a valid no. and registered. If so, they will give you an authorization no.
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Tim S
I called the dealer and got it resolved. They called Autodesk and Autodesk did say it wasn't accepting the number and they would have to check into it. 1/2 hour later. I got a return call with the autho code.
I did notice that the label on the box top says Seats:035. Seems odd that Autodesk would not have a different serial number for each seat even if only one package is shipped with multiple seats purchased. Now I have to explain to each of our site offices that they only get one serial number and that: "No we are not pirating the software. That's how Autodesk does it now." I know what they're thinking: "Yeah right!" bg
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