Does anyone know how to "flatten" a drawing? i need to remove the z values
from a surveyors drawing before adding to the drawing to ensure i don't land
up doing strange things at funny hights.
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Command:CHANGE, (select), "P"(properties), "E"(Elevation), 0(zero)
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Toolbar/menu macro: ^C^C_move;_all;;0,0,0;0,0,1e99;_move;_all;;0,0,0;0,0,-1e99;
Enjoy, Stef
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S. Yoder
HiHo; Look for "FLATTEN.LSP" on the web. It does the job very well and it's free.
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AFAIK there isn't a free routine floating around that will do this perfectly yet. (Why I don't know. Where's Paul when you need him ; D)
The move trick posted by Yoder is quick but doesn't remove thickness front entities or remove entities with Z that are nested in blocks, so you can still get an errant snap. It might end up being a multi-step processor you.
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Michael Bulatovich
I use the following on a custom button, but all I have tried it on is 3D plines in geological and environmental maps. ^C^C_modemacro;"";_select \_move _p;;0,0,1e99;;_move _p;;0,0,-1e99;; I haven't checked the group for awhile, so this may be the one Yoder posted.
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R. G. Thompson
Wow. Where have you been, Ray? This thread is getting OLD. BTW, your move trick was Yoder's suggestion, and my warning about it's limitations stand, except for the substitution of the word "front" for "from".
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Michael Bulatovich

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