Inkjet Decals and Epson DuraBrite Inks

Has anyone used any of the Inkjet wanterslide decal sheets with epson
durabrite inks.
With normal dyebased non water proof inks the sheet needs to be sprayed
with varnish before adding the decal to the water.
But Epson says the DuraBrite inks are water proof, so i was wondering
does anyone know if they need to be sprayed with varnish before adding
to the water.
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I haven't tried making decals, but yes, the inks are fast when dry. I've dipped a print in water to check, and they really don't run. They also are reported to have good UV fade resistance too.
I seem to recall that someone at one of the model sites was running a test on them but I'm not sure where it was now. - try a search at ARC or Hyperscale,
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only one way to find out for sure, print a small decal and test in water, if the ink washes away, spray it
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