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i had some pipe supports drawn in 2007, i am working in 2006, i saved the files as 2006. i try to insert the supports into my main file & get this message:

this application has detected a mixed version of aec objects participating in this operation. newer aec objects will be disallowed from participating in this operation. WTF????????

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Yes... From that verison of 2007.. you need to export out from autocad and explode AEC objects.


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Rather than rag on Autodesk why don't you look on the Support web site for the object enablers that Autodesk already posted to address the incompatibility between intelligent objects made in 2007 and 2006 versions. But, if you don't like Autodesk products; demo some of the other AEC stuff out there, none of it even comes close to what Autodesk is doing with AutoCAD, Architectural Desktop, and Revit for AEC. I'm sure now we'll get the Chief Architect, ArchiCAD, and Bentley lovers chiming about how great those packages are. The truth is that Autodesk is eons ahead of all of them.


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I guess compatibility between the forced upgrades is too much to ask. my deepest apologies!

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uncle sticky

Your not forced to a damn thing....

Just tell the people you get the files from to save it to a previous version.

I been using Autocad since version 9 and never have problems converting back to previous version. Plus autodesk even make a program for non-acad owners to save to a previous version. Look it up. Drawing True Convert. The greatest thing is.... ITS FREE!!!!!

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