Bsave dynamic blocks

Hi all,
I have been trying for hours to save the dynamic blocks I created in
block editor. I am creating a linear aray with a simple shape.
Creating works fine and after returning to the drawing editor the aray
works fine.
However when I want to use the newly created (or re-created) block in
a new drawing the block has lost all its dynamic parameters.
I have done this exercise before and had no problems. The blocks I
created weeks ago are still working fine with any new drawing.
I am at the end and need help. It seems that bsave does not save the
dynamic block. When I look in my block directory then the date and
time do reflect the time when I bsave-d the block but remain the date
and time when initially created. And yes my explorer is set to show
"last modified".
Any help will be greatly appreciated.
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old dan
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Maybe try using design center to steal the block out of the drawing that it works in. You could als use design center to steal it from that same drawing and put on a tool pallete
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Depending on how you are getting your block out of your drawing you might have a block within a block and that is why you are not seeing the dynamics. An alternative is that you have Explode checked in the insert dialog.
I think bsave just saves the block within its containing file, you still need to save the containing file or save the block out of the containing file into a new file.
old dan wrote:
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