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Hi all.

I am using AutoCAD 2006.

Today, for no apparent reason, I am having problems with one toolbar.

The AutoCAD toolbar "Dimensions". I have not edited or customized this at all. Nor have I changed any paths and such.

Yet today this is what I have. Toolbar is visible. Icons are not. If I scroll over, the tool is there. (word pops up and says "linear" and such) The tool bar works, but there is no picture there. If I go to customize, there is a row of toolbars with just question marks.

I have tried, restarting AutoCAD and Rebooting the computer, but no avail. As far as I can tell, this is the only toolbar affected.

Any ideas?

Thanks, jojo

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jojo, you could try unloading and reloading the acad menu (cui) even though it does this when you start acad but it can't hurt. Use the MENULOAD command and in the dialog, select acad and then click Unload. Close and then restart the command and browse to and select the acad cui and click Load.


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