Customize Menu Problem

Can someone please verify this for me?
With a drawing open, click Insert>Drawing View>Customize Menu and check any
of the menu items that are not checked. Go back through the menu to see if
this menu item is now visible.
The only thing that is checked in my menu is Alternate Position. I can't
get any of the others to remain checked. I need to create a broken view,
but I don't have this icon in any of my toolbars. Since I can't turn this
menu item on, I can't "get" to it through menu selection. The only way I
know to add break lines to it since I am having this problem is to add these
icons to a toolbar, which I really didn't want to do.
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Seth Renigar
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I'm not seeing that. My Drawing View menu is fully loaded, but if I take something off, I can still put it back on.
I would try a repaired installation.
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What SP are you on?
I forgot to mention SW2006 SP3.4
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Seth Renigar
Works fine here also - SW2006 SP4.0.
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Wayne Tiffany
I get something similar for the View, modify toolbar. I select 'zoom to fit', 'zoom to area', 'zoom in/out' but the settings never take.
The Insert, Drawing View pulldown works for fine for me though.
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I've never seen your problem here.
I guess I will try updating the SP after I read more comments about it. I doubt that this is going to fix it though, or yours for that matter. But I guess its worth a try.
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Seth Renigar

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