CAD won't print color

I should say I do not use AD. I have a friend who is making a catalog
for me in CAD. When she opens it up to print, it shows several tabs at
the bottom. If she just selects one tab, it prints fine and in color.
But if she selects them all, it prints black and white. It happens on
2 printers so I don't think it is a print driver issue. Can anyone
please help?
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You will need to say what version of AutoCAD is being used before the question can be answered, but it doesn't appear to be a suitable project for a CAD program, more like a Desk Top Publishing program, perhaps?
Printing, or rather plotting (in CAD terms) can be a setting-up nightmare for someone not familiar with the software.
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I agree and that is what I had told her before she started. But she wanted to do it in CAD. Anyway, she found that she needs to change a color setting on each tab. This solved the problem. Thanks anyway.
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