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New autoCAD guy, old dude.
Am taking autoCAD at a local college. Going to "night school," but am
going to the classes taught on weekends. Just started module 2 of 4.
Good fun. Don't know squat about drafting, but I do love accuracy
(ballistics). Have developed some proficiency with Visio & thought I'd
look at a tool built for specification, rather than generalization.
I'm not surprised to find that there are multiple ways to do any one
thing, never mind the dos command line interface.
So having a unique desktop, with your selected, customized tool bars
placed appropriately, is a necessity for developing autoCAD
proficiency. The gui needs to become second nature before you can
master the application.
At home autoCAD knows my "desktop". At school it doesn't (jqpublic
defaults). I tried to use a template.dwg (blank drawing) and later
learned that it seems to have the same inheritances as templates (not
So I asked the teacher. He didn't give me a sensible answer. I didn't
press (first day!).
So is this possible? I can't imagine why not. How do I import my
"persona" to my school-running autoCAD app.
thanks in advance
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There is a way and I'm sure someone here will tell you but I can't. What I did, when I was in school and now, is to use the command line for most everything. Takes a little getting used to but when you do, you can be instantly productive on anyone's system, regardless of the way they have it set up. My instructor, on the other hand, used the icons. This was quite the problem for him as when he would go to someone else's computer to help them individually, he would have to adapt to their layout.
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Neon, You'll want to setup and save a "Profile". With this you can create you own .pgp file (AutoCAD aliases - shortcut keys) that you can copy from your home setup to the school (if they allow it, otherwise you'll need to build one on their machine. Place all your customization in a single folder. Place that .pgp file in that folder. Place that folder path at the top of support path and save these settings to your profile. (these comments are assuming that you are using a pre-2006 version of full autocad.
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Chip Harper
thanks Chip I'll give it a go this weekend
"Chip Harper" wrote:
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