dwg info pdf - how ?????

just like in a topic?
What prograqm should I use to do it???
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PDF writers work like plotters .... when you are ready to create the PDF you start the plot dialog and choose the PDF driver and it writes a file to your hard drive. Do a search on Google... they range from free to expensive. I use PDF995.
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Chip Harper
Install PDF995 and print/plot to that
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you can try ghostscript and redmon.
there's a link to it on our website, 'free stuff' link.
free software, and you can print from any windows app.
formatting link

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D. Alan Hooper
You can use PDF995 which is free. It worked but now I use PDF Creator, which is also free. However, I prefer it because it doesn't rely on any banners, etc. It is open source software - do a search for it.
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Larry Travis

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