Files & folder presentation difference W98 vs. WXP AutoCAD2000i

AutoCAD2000i running on W98 shows the file & folderlist as 'list'. Running (fresh install) on WXP shows file & folders as 'icons'. Can this be changed to 'list' style? Permanent? If yes, how?

Tnxgrt, Boudewijn

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Right click in the area where the icons are displayed, select view and then list, or details, if you would like to see a little more ifo for each file. "Boudewijn /

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Is this a permanent solution with 2000i and XP?

This works great until I navigate out of that location or end my file selection with an "OK"...

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As you can see in the link above, that is NOT a bug, it is a feature.

Is there a patch for the 2000i / XP combination that maintains the 'details' view for file selection?


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I assume that some setting of Windows Explorer is used as initial File >

Open view while on Windows 98 the list view is used per default. Anyone know this key or method?

Boudewijn "< Is this a permanent solution with 2000i and XP?

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