Hide lines behind dimension

How can I have an area behind a dimension "clear up" to better see the dim ?
I refuse to explode everything and trim manually. I'm sure there is some way
to do this. The area is very dense with lines, text, etc. and I can't put
the dim elsewhere.
Please help.
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Dr Fleau
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If it's that cluttered, better to add a detail in a larger scale IMHO than trying to flog that dead horse.
Dr Fleau wrote:
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Jerry G
If it is that crowded and you are willing to lose the detail behind the dimension, then that detail must be unnecessary in relation to the dimension.
So, how about making full use of layers to separate various items on the drawing and dimension accordingly. Then you can freeze any layer that you do not need to see and print/plot only what you need.
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Brian Salt
Command: WIPEOUT. Then rearrange the display order.
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Here's a lisp I wrote that should help you out with this. You will need to register to see the page (I think) but it's free.
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