How do you intergrate "sidework"

Hi all,
I want to do some "sidework" for a fellow who has a completely different
layering system, symbol library, ect than I do.
I want to work at my home on my computer (I have a legal copy of AutoCAD
2000). I have developed my own library,
layering system and layer controls to work with my stuff.
What is the easiest way to get things "set up" to work with his office
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This is one of the problems with the "Tower of Babel" approach which is currently dominant in the industry, and one of the major arguments of those who advocate a "standard" approach to CAD.
If you are going to do this a lot, it may serve you well to investigate how much of the conversion work can be automated for you. When it comes to layering and styles this should not be too hard with LISP, as long as the logic behind the two systems are similar. Blocks are going to be trickier as they are likely to have different insertion points, and may jump around on you.
If you are not going to do it much, then the best and worst case scenario are probably the same thing: Draw the way your employer wants you to draw, but don't forget to bill him for the grief ; }
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Michael Bulatovich
First, ask for a copy of their "Standards Manual". Since most firms don't actually have one (or at least not one currently up-to-date) this probably won't solve your problem. Second, ask for a dwg file for a similar completed project. You can then use this to get their layer structure, dim styles, text styles, blocks, etc.... Anything discrepancies between the project you're doing and the sample they gave you, you'll have to make an educated guess on or ask them.
Michael (LS)
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Michael (LS)

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