Importing files to 2005LT

Can anyone advise on this -
We need to be able to issue drawings in a format that can be imported in to
consultants ACAD but won't allow them to be manipulated. Thought I could do
this with DWF but it will only allow it to be viewed in the viewer not
imported in to LT. Similarly plt files don't seem to be importable.
Any thoughts appreciated
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Why don't you just send him a PDF?
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Search on this news group this is a FAQ and there is a product that will secure the file if thats the only way you can supply i.e. not using DWF or PDF.
I can't recall the programs name at the moment.
Alan (Cadalot)
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Found it, look at
VP Americas, CADLock, Inc. ==>
formatting link
Alan (Cadalot)
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